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The Nursery


In 2010 we finished construction on a new on-land nursery on the Great Bay. The new facility proved to be a great addition to our existing nursery operation in West Creek, NJ. Hard Clam Seed growth rates during the 2010 season were phenomenal at both locations. Our nursery's in the bay were stocked with large, healthy clam seed that will be ready for sale to spring planters.

Hard Clam Seed (Plantable size)
We pump water directly from the bay to our nurseries. The clam seed grow in raceways and feed on the abundance of phytoplankton that naturally occurs in the productive Great Bay Estuary. At the end of the summer/fall growing season, seed ranges in size from 1/4 inch to larger than 3/8 inch. 

Nursery Raceways for Hard Clam Aquaculture

Hard Clam Seed in Raceways

Throughout the late summer and fall we have clam seed available for sale directly from our on-land nurseries ranging from 1/4 inch to plantable size. What is left over at the end of the season, we plant in our bay nurseries and can sell the following spring. Our spring seed ranges in size and is larger than 12 mm. We can custom sieve your order for a specific size.